Sunday, 5 January 2014

First Sunday of the year

So my first Sunday of the year totally focused to play pre made food etc and had dinner planned was committed to only play max of 12 tables something I have never done before on a Sunday I told say i was in a A game mood right from the start..... Things were going well building some stacks in the Warm up and getting deep  in a $44 6 max (early one) wouldn't normally play 6 max on a Sunday. Then I had some friends come into my room try and talk to me and I totally lost concentration and pretty much made some pretty big mistakes 2 of which were last 15 in the $44 and the hurricane on 888.... After this I couldn't get round to playing any kind of strategically correct decisions and made more and more mistakes. This has made me realise how much preparation is for the game of poker especially on Sundays where you can have thousands of money on the line at any time and one click could basically change a day from a loosing day to a $100k day winning day...

Anyway my point from now on is to do everything I need to do try and avoid getting distracted and using my breaks to my best ability and having a scheduled food plan for the day.

Here is a little Vine I completed thorough out my day today which is half acted tbh but certainly gets the point of how i felt today and I'm sure there are many of you out there that totally have been through this and for some reason always on Sundays

Link to my vine which may be appreciated Link to Sunday Vine

Anyway enough rage hope some people have had a winning Sunday a good one for many im sure and at least I am still in profit for the year


Year 2014 so far

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