Sunday, 5 January 2014

First Sunday of the year

So my first Sunday of the year totally focused to play pre made food etc and had dinner planned was committed to only play max of 12 tables something I have never done before on a Sunday I told say i was in a A game mood right from the start..... Things were going well building some stacks in the Warm up and getting deep  in a $44 6 max (early one) wouldn't normally play 6 max on a Sunday. Then I had some friends come into my room try and talk to me and I totally lost concentration and pretty much made some pretty big mistakes 2 of which were last 15 in the $44 and the hurricane on 888.... After this I couldn't get round to playing any kind of strategically correct decisions and made more and more mistakes. This has made me realise how much preparation is for the game of poker especially on Sundays where you can have thousands of money on the line at any time and one click could basically change a day from a loosing day to a $100k day winning day...

Anyway my point from now on is to do everything I need to do try and avoid getting distracted and using my breaks to my best ability and having a scheduled food plan for the day.

Here is a little Vine I completed thorough out my day today which is half acted tbh but certainly gets the point of how i felt today and I'm sure there are many of you out there that totally have been through this and for some reason always on Sundays

Link to my vine which may be appreciated Link to Sunday Vine

Anyway enough rage hope some people have had a winning Sunday a good one for many im sure and at least I am still in profit for the year


Year 2014 so far

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Return of the Blog?

Ok so I have had a year off blogging which has been a bit of a disappointment for me personally so this year I may try to blog like I did throughout 2012.
Considering I had my best year in Poker in 2013 I have had some great achievements and some also not great ones Most notably was Winning two live major titles which have definitely been the highlight of my poker career.

For now I am just going to continue with my 2013 Review and 2014 Goals:

2013 Poker Goals 

-$150k in rb bonuses and live:  made around $60k online and a little over $100k live
-15k mtts not focusing on sngs as much this year: Played about 9,500 games inc sngs 
-150k VPPS over both stars:  did 100k on .cpm and 25k on .fr 
-FT a Weekly Major or a Live Main Event: Won FPS France Main Event Won GUKPT Stockton and 9th in BPS Main Event & FT .fr Sunday Special 
-P5's Online Tripple Crown: No but came so close a few weeks gathering a couple of firsts and 2nds 3rds etc 
-Visit 4 new Countries and 14 live tours:  Deffo did 14 live tours but no new countries unfortunately 
-More study: Not Enough 
-$25k plus score: Yes $77k and $30k live 
-Top 30 UK p5s: didnt quite get there didnt really play consistently enough throughout the year 

Life Goals 
-Go to Vegas: neg visa issues 
-Actually become fit again and play more sports: Hardly 
-Eat more healthy: nope although better than last year

2014 Goals:

$150k live and online 
Maintain SN 
Play more Mtts online and game select better 
Less degening at live trips 
Go to Vegas
Play first EPT

Gl to everyone in 2014 and hope its everyones best year at the tables yet :) 

France Poker Series Evian 

Online Results 2013

Live Results 2013

Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 Review & 2013 Goals

So here is my 2012 review first of all I will post my goals that I set this time last year and see how I did: 

2012 Poker Goals 

-$100k profit (exe rb) : Fail I made about $62.5k online and about $20k Live 
-5k mtts and 15k sngs: 5,600 mtts and 8,500 sngs 
-top 150 yearly TLB (ps): No where near this is due to playing on other sites etc 
-150k vpps: Fail, only just made 100k but made 40k on .fr 
-play 5 live mtts which involve travel: Exceeded this played around 10 tours 
-not to play drunk: Fail lost about $5k playing drunk cash on .fr 
-study more: Yes, had coaching sessions HH reviews and lots of skype group work 
-5 fig score: Yes, won the hot $55 $14,100 won the Big $55 $18,400 and won a live mtt for $13,112

Life goals 
-move to a different country for most of the year: fail Prob spent 6/7 weeks abroad 
-get fitness back to the level i used to be at: Epic fail 
-plan my time and socialise more: Got a bit better at this 
-have some decent saving by the end of the year: Not as much as hoped but at least some plus several rolls over different poker sites 

2013 Poker Goals 

-$120k in rb bonuses and live 
-15k mtts not focusing on sngs as much this year 
-150k VPPS over both stars
-FT a Weekly Major or a Live Main Event 
-P5's Online Tripple Crown 
-Visit 4 new Countries and 14 live tours 
-More study
-$25k plus score 
-Top 30 UK p5s
-Win UKIPT player of the year

Life Goals 
-Go to Vegas 
-Actually become fit again and play more sports 
-Eat more healthy 
-Have some money saved or invested outside of poker

2012 SharkScope graph all sites

2012 winnings over all sites with rake back

Yearly Profit 

Total Games: 14,119
Total Profit: $71,617
Total Hours: 1023
Avg Hourly: $70.00

.com Total VPPs: 100,006.96 
.com Total FPPs: 350,024.36
.fr Total VPPs: 38,952
.fr Total FPPs: 89,785

Live Results in 2012

I did fairly well in Live mtts in 2012 winning 4 decent mtts and my first 5 figure live score however I bricked in every 1k mtt, I am also Still first in the UKIPT player of the year leader board with 3 stops left. Hoping for good things in 2013 :)

As far as working out live profit in 2012 It would be too hard due to travelling expenses etc but I estimate I made around  $13,000

December Results

As far as online results went it was a pretty rough month as I had been pretty lazy with volume all year and i was 24,500 VPPS of getting supernova again for the 4th consecutive year. So there was some serious volume needed so i decided to play 6 max hyper turbo sngs........ and what a grind this would be spread out over the whole month would have been a fairly easy challenge however my procrastination as per usual ended up in me playing around 650 games on the last day of the month!!! was a 18 hour grind I was also fortunate enough to win the Hot $109 in that session somehow!!! which was the month saver. Lesson learnt, dont play hypers and structure the volume over the year a lot more if you want to maintain or reach Supernova!!!

So result were a total profit of $2,873 I included RB in this as I was mainly a RB pro this month lol with a huge volume of 3,311 games!!

All sites with RB winnings 

Achieving Supernova!! 

Total Games: 3,311
Total Profit: $2,873 (inc rb)
Total Hours: 100
Avg Hourly: $28,73

.com Total VPPs: 24,821
.com Total FPPs: 86,873
.fr Total VPPs: 500
.fr Total FPPs: 750

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

UKIPT Bristol

Day 1:

So I have been looking forward to this leg of the tour for a few weeks now and my target for the trip was to secure a few more tournament leader board points I was currently 3rd going into this leg, after bricking all of Newcastle I was really focussed to gain points here. My plan was to play every No Limit Holdem side event (bar the high roller). For this trip I decided to go on the train as it was pretty far way to go and there is usually no need for a car at any of these stops, So me and Joel Beverley (jbeverley) set off from Scarborough around midday Wednesday 7th November hoping to be there in time for dinner before the first side event the £110 6 max. We arrived on time and went for a all u can eat buffet, however this was not a good idea as we all ate too much and not the best idea before your due to start the live poker grind. Anyway  we regged the 6 max at the Gala Casino, my table draw was pretty good had a lot of live and local regs the field looked fairly soft tbh usually the 6 max sides attracts younger players. Cant really remember much about the early stages of the tournament just know that I didn't have any issues chipping up and the table was pretty tight passive (for a 6 max). As we were approaching the money people really started to tighten up one guy 3 bet folds AKs for around 20 bbs (lol). I was hovering around 30 bbs when utg opens (same stack size) I had 66 on the bb and decided to purely set mine as I didnt want to 3 bet fold or call so the flop came 678ss which I decided to lead as my image was pretty laggy and people dint want to believe me much also on that board I don't really want him to check behind that often, so I lead and he flatted the turn brought a nice 6 to give me quads I decided to bet again pretty small this time for value and also to get him to spaz jam his draws and bluffs and also value hands, which is what he did with 1010. So now very close to the money I have a stack weeeeee :) pretty standard stuff from then on hovering around the 30 bbs mark. The Final table was played 7 handed to stop one table from having to play 3 handed. A few orbits have passed and the table in general was playing very conservative until this hand; some old nit guy who was utg decided to open shove for 23 bbs I wake up with QQ and ship it in he has 22 and a window Q sealed his fate my rail loled hard and I was now pretty big chip leader. I managed to get to 4 handed with about half the chips in play when my friend Shane Gregory 3 bets shoves a btn open I have 77 re jam and I loose a flip :( this put me short around the 20 bb mark and didn't recover my busto hand was pretty funny I shove 13 bbs with k6 suited from the button and the small blind (decent player) isolates with around 22 bbs and the bb goes into the tank he has us both covered and of course I cant play a tournament without calling the clock on someone, so I called time and the player folded ako!! both me and the sb were glad as he had a7 same suit as me and a window ace sealed my fate of 4th place and £1,100 and 32.5 tlbs :)

4th in the £110 6 max 

Day 2: Main event day 1a

So I decide to reg for day 1a of the main event which looking from the list of names that were playing day 1b it was a good idea. There were still off lots of big names playing that day but luckily I avoided anyone tough on my starting table. This being said the first hand I 4 bet folded ako pre flop! I am pretty convinced the guy had AA or KK as for the next 2 hours he raised maybe once lol. I stayed at the same table for around 3/4 levels then moved to another table lost a few hand then moved again I managed to spin 5k into 30k in one level with a bit of run good and some questionable play from other opponents. There were no interesting hands on this table bar my exit hand where I regret my play totally, at blinds 200/400/50 a pretty bad player opens to 850  UTG +1 I have AKo on the small blind with around 30k (he has me covered) I 3 bet to 2250 he calls with clear signs of weakness (he was clearly a novice from previous table play I have seen) so flop AQx hhh I have no heart so I cbet around 2900 he thinks for a while ( with signs he wanted to raise) the turn brought a heart making me sigh inside I decide to check he then fires out around about 5k with massive nervous tells and he even says "I'll show you if you fold" I kind of knew what he had which is never the K of hearts and he just wanted to try and take the pot down now on the turn and most likely had the J/10 hearts So for some insane reason I decide to pile it all in his face! dont ask me why I hate my line and of course he calls saying "have you got the king of hearts, I have to call I have the J" leaving me drawing dead, I gave this player too much credit for being able to make a tough fold even though I rep so little hand this should have been a fold and I put it down to being tired. 
I also played the £110 turbo in which I busted pretty early with no interesting hands. 

Day 3: 

So today was the £165 knockout Bounty at 9.30pm which brought in around 140 runners these tournaments are always fun as people overrate the bounty and play terrible just to try and bust someone in the early stages of the tournament. This been said after about 4/5 levels I managed to get two KO's when I Isolate with AJo a 13 bb open with one caller who both decide to call and manage to beat AK and JJ with a 4 card flush. This then got me a stack to play with in a pretty weak field with people playing this format terribly, As the bubble began to approach I was gifted with this hand A shirt stack moves all in for around 8 bbs the chip leader on the table moves all in I have around 25bbs and call off with AK and beat A10 and 78s. Rest of the play was pretty standard to the last 2 tables where I was joined by online reg Martin Mulsow (moertelmu) which was fun as we were both trying to take each others bounty and hate life when either one of us shoved the others blind and had to fold!! At least it gave me someone to talk to and have table banter with for a change. We both made the FT and I got what I wanted most his bounty after he shoved 86s utg with 5 bbs and I wake up with 77 and hold gg Martin and thanks for your £50. After this hand I had one big suck out which gave me the chip lead, I shoved KQo for about 6/7 bbs and get two callers AJ and AQ instant and turn service K K. I loled hard when a guy at the table said " I knew you were shoving light" I had 6 bbs in a turbo!! lol. I pretty much sailed the rest of the FT getting to HU as slight CL and winning flips helps as the last hand my KJo beat 77 aip for the title, 40 tlb's and £4,400 with 10 bounties @ £50 each. 

3 handed in the £165 KOT

£165 Turbo Bounty win

Day 4:

This was the day of the £330 2 day side event I was going into this pretty confident after winning the knockout the night before and had a good table draw again (I ran pretty well on table draws in Bristol) however there were too decent players on both my left and right which took away a lot of my opens but apart from that there was lots of dead money with one guy who was 7-10x ing his full opening range (he didnt last long). I think my peak in chips in this tournament was around 30k from the initial 10k starting stack in which I had on my exit hand where I 4 bet educed with AQo against my friend Kev Asquith (asquith31) who 5 bet shoved on me with 77 and quads were good. Still think he should of folded as i 4 bet nearly half my stack pre flop and AQo is like the bottom of my range there bar the times I have air there which I don't think is often. 

Day 5: 

Last day of UKIPT Bristol events and I had kind of wanted to reg the £220 PLO side but didnt manage to get up in time so then it was the last side of the trip the £165 turbo deepstack. This is a very fun tournament with 15k starting chips however not so fun when you get it all in pre with AA against AK and AQ and AK gets there for failry large pot oh well cant win the all. 

So a recap of UKIPT Bristol was around £4895 profit from the sides and I managed to gain 82.5 leaderboard points which I think will put me on top now by a fair few points with 3 stops left. I would really like to do something in one of the mains in the next 3 stops and maybe let someone else win the sides :). Looking forward to the next stop which is in Edinburgh in January hope to see some of you there. 

Just saw that the UKIPT website have updated the leader board since Bristol and I am currently top by a nice margin!! Tom Hall (Jabracada) close by in 3rd.

October Results

Im a little late entering the results for October so I will keep it short;

As far as online results go I was not particular happy with the volume or results, I played a total of 892 games over all sites and a total profit of $2,307 with the only profitable site being Pokerstars.FR ($5,488) I lost on again and 888 + party however the volume on them two sites was very low. The biggest score I had was on .fr where I came 5th in the night on stars for €2,221 I also FT the first €30 Monday night on stars 8th for €1,194. On my main site .com the month would have been horrid if it wasn't for winning 5 UKIPT Bristol seats for £770 each I also stone bubble 3x packages and 2/3 seats!!

All sites Sharkscope stats

All sites Sharkscope Graph

Total Games: 892
Total Profit: $2,307
Total Hours: 67
Avg Hourly: $34.43

.com Total VPPs: 7,482
.com Total FPPs: 26,187
.fr Total VPPs: 8,302
.fr Total FPPs: 20,755

Live Results:

There were zero live results this month the only live events I played was the French Poker Series leg in Mazagan Morocco. At that event I played the main event €1,100 with no luck after loosing a monster chip lead pot on the last level of day 1 with 66 on 468 against 57 and 78 for about 4x avg stack :( I also played a €220 and a €160 side with no luck. In that €160 side I actually folded a set of sixes to Tim Davie after he shoved the river on me, im still convinced that I was behind on a Q62h 8hAh board I read his soul and knew he had AA (he only showed me one ace). The trip in general was fun and I definitely recommend that resort and will be going there again, its probably the nicest hotel I have stayed in with good internet where we managed to get a good Sunday session in with no problems at all.

Tim Davie Sunday Grind 

Hotel Rock Pool 

Monday, 1 October 2012

September Results

So what did September bring? well this month was obv going to be a big online poker month with the 2 weeks of WCOOP so it was heading to be a huge volume month...... Epic fail on that note my volume was the lowest it has been for months only clocking up 770 games over all sites. I didn't even play much live this month either, the only events I played were the DTD £550 (2 days) and UKIPT Newcastle (5 days). I managed to min cash the DTD £550 for £1k lost a flip AQ<1010 which was pretty frustrating as the field was so soft and had a bigger first prize than UKIPT Newcastle!! Very good tournament though great structure and always gets the fish will try to play this as often as I can.

Me and the devil fish at DTD lol 

 UKIPT Newcastle didn't go according to plan, I went there in 2nd position on the leader board and was hoping to pick up some points at this stop, this was a fail I made day 2 of the main event but was out in the first hour. As for the sides didn't really get anything  going made a couple of turbo ante levels but no where near the money in any. Since then the updated leader board has me in 3rd place still, pretty good considering I had no cashes next stop is the on-line event and then Bristol in November which I have already won 3 seats too (brag). Before this I am going flag hunting at FPS Morocco to play the 1k main event plus some sides, this should be very soft and might even see the outside world!!

Online Results

So rather than doing the graph for separate sites I will just do the graph for my global alias as there was nothing really exciting on any site that the global graph doesn't point out. But in brief I actually had my biggest online cash ever outright winning the Poker Stars Big $55 for $18,416.51 :) This couldn't come at a better time as I was in a massive hole on that site (Still in it!!) Felt great to actually win with no chop plus I don't thin k that with 25 left that I was not chip leader. I steam rolled the soft FT (obv ran well too). Didnt really have any other success on that site apart from the 3 Bristol seats and a few $1k cashes Total profit from $11,904. Poker Stars France I actually lost money on for the first time on mtts my best result came in the first few days of the month coming 2nd in the Minuit Express (again) for €2,107. I did manage to get to Platinum VIP level due to playing 2,500 cash hands on the last day of the month. Total profit -$611.
888 Poker was again a low volume month but managed to win my first mtt on there which was a $16.50 turbo which I won $999.60 I also took 2nd place in a $55 6 max for $667 Total profit $70.56 Think I bricked every $100 mtt I played.
I only played 8 mtts on Party Poker loosing about $290 more volume needed for these euro sites!!!

All sites Sharkscope Graph

All sites Sharkscope stats

Big $55 Bink!

Total Games: 770
Total Profit: $11,904
Total Hours: 75
Avg Hourly: $158.72

.com Total VPPs: 7200
.com Total FPPs: 25200
.fr Total VPPs: 7552
.fr Total FPPs: 15504

Gl to all online in October!!!!